• We seek to love and care for the members of the LGBTQ community who struggle with their identity. We seek to offer safe and supportive counsel and comfort to them.  We seek to encourage them as they come out.
  • We seek to help surround those coming out with people who will mentor them and walk with them in their new outward living.
  • We seek to train caring and loving individuals to become mentors who will facilitate Getting Out and Living in their local communities.
  • We seek to end the needless loss of life among those who fear reprisal because of their identities. We seek to train those willing to help out those who struggle with ideations of taking their lives.
  • We seek to offer resources as we discover them in communities to those of the LGBTQ community.
  • We seek to provide access to local resources of counseling and help to those of the LGBTQ community.
  • We seek to provide local community events to enlighten and educate the LGBTQ community to the principles of GOaL.
  • We seek to enlighten and educate those willing to desperate need to love and care for those who struggle to face the many fears that exist for those who are coming out and seeking to live abundant lives.
  • We seek to provide regional events to connect communities across the country and the world. We believe that coming together is key to succeeding in this effort.
  • We seek to teach life skills so that individuals can learn to live their lives fully and freely.

Next Steps…

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