Don’t Be Defined!  Be You!

I have spent a lifetime allowing the “normal” world to define me, regarding my sexuality.  I hid who I was.  That changed for me in the last few years.  I decided to Get Out and Live!  I was exhausted.  I grew up in the South in a conservative, non-diverse culture.  I moved away and realized that I can live large and do it just as I am.

I don’t know where you are in this journey.  But, my hope is that you can Get Out and Live.  I hope you can do it sooner than I did.  I’ll be honest; it isn’t easy.  But, that is why we are here.  We exist to help you, walk with you, encourage you, and give you a way ahead for your journey.  You are a human.  You deserve the same rights as everyone.  We exist to help normalize the LGBTQ community.  That means that we feel we shouldn’t have to fight for the same rights, but deserve them because we belong to the human race.

Our board and staff have a combination of experience and diversity that allows us to offer unique and professional help in this effort.  We have helped countless people come to grips with the reality that they can be true to themselves and Get Out and Live authentically.  It is freeing.  It is time!


Tim Brown (CEO and Founder )

Next Steps…

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